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Register for upcoming Zoom class on “Shir haShirim/The Song of Songs” presented by Cantor Ramón Tasat and the HJCC.

The Song of Songs is considered one of the five megillot (scrolls) read on major festivals. It is chanted during Pesah/Passover.  It is also sung as an introduction to the Shabbat evening since the Sabbath serves as a renewal of loving vows between God and the Jewish People. Pained by loneliness? Exhilarated by the arrival of the Spring? Have you ever fallen in Love? This book is for you.  Can’t wait to discuss it together. -Hazzan Ramón Tasat www.ramontasat.com Register for Cantor Ramón’s “Shir HaSharim/Song of Songs” Zoom course starting March 29:

From the rising unto the setting

Rosh Hashanah allows Jews to find strength – Standard Speaker article on Sept 11, 2023

The Jewish new year of 5784 will
be ushered in at synagogues around the world Friday at sundown and celebrated through Sunday night.

In Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah celebrates the birth of the world. On this anniversary of creation, Jews ask forgiveness for any harm they have inflicted, either wittingly or unwittingly and stand before the Creator confessing their shortcomings and asking for forgiveness.

2023 Selichot Prayer Service – Sept 9, 2023 at 10pm on ZOOM

Selichot services are communal prayers for Divine forgiveness, said during the High Holiday season and on Jewish fast days. While most Jewish services are held during the day or early evening, High Holiday Selichot are the exception, held in the wee hours of the night. Drawing from a plethora of biblical verses and rabbinic teachings, they are a soul-stirring introduction to the Days of Awe.

In Ashkenazic tradition, the first night of Selichot is the biggie, held late at night on a Saturday night before Rosh Hashanah. The liturgy for the High Holiday Selichot is not found in most prayerbooks; rather, it is found in special Selichot booklets, with a different selection for each day.

Contact the AIC office to get access to log in to ZOOM for this service.